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Blind Justice   Possible miscarriages of justice
from 1901 to 1990
Criminal Women   22 Chapters covering women who killed.
Stories from 1726 to 1923
Deadlier Than the Male   The stories of the 16 women who were hanged
in the UK in the 20th Century
Jack the Ripper - An Encyclopaedia   The definitive work on the Whitechapel crimes.
Murder in Northern Ireland   24 chapters detailing murders from 1900 to 1961
Murderous Derbyshire   Stories of people sentenced to death for
crimes in Derbyshire
Murderous Sussex   The stories of those executed for a Sussex
crime or with a Sussex connection
Murderous Tyneside   Stories of those who were executed for
a Tyneside crime
The Murder of John Alexander Dickman   Hanged for a murder in Newcastle in 1910, Dickman was almost certainly innocent.
This book examines all the evidence and
after more than 100 years, names the real killer.